• When the winter months are cold and you need some lush warm vibes to give you that warm glow all over, well Dj Canellis has got you covered. City Lights is a masterful, bass driven trance mix with silky vocals, crisp percussion, raucous bass, lush keys. Dj Canellis provides a cool, emotive journey with a huge uplifting vibe and a devilishly undertone. This mix will definitely keep you moving during your nocturnal running adventures. The first 30 minutes is gradual build to get your feet moving and blood flowing. The last 30 minutes is all about the heart pumping, feet flying, and pushing yourself to the next level. This mix is a perfect negative split.

    1. We Own Tonight - Stone Face and Terminal
    2. Black Moon - Tomac, Lokka Vox
    3. Snapdragon - Ilan Bluestone
    4. Ibiza2vegas - Alex Kunnari
    5. Evening Surf - Alexey Muravyev
    6. Phoenix - Meridian feat Tiff Lacey
    7. Run - Edu
    8. First - Handy K
    9. The Evil ID - Max Graham
    10. Sacramentum - Bobina and Andrew Rayel
    11. Thump - Simon Patterson.

  • DJ Canellis starts off the New Year with a frisky beat, energetic synths and gorgeous female vocals. The lush pad layers, enjoyable basslines and dj Canellis's signature calm arpeggios create the perfect soothing soundscape to run to. A quarter into the mix dj Canellis picks up the pace and begins to introduce gritty basslines, and syth stabs. Canellis also known for his soft Balearic feel introduces a guitar and piano orientated breakdown before those driving beats and melodies return to send any runner into euphoria. Start off the New Year with the perfect mix to get you moving at your perfect pace. This mix is perfect for an Easy run, or Tempo Run!!

    1. Midnight Mind Flight - Jayeson Andel
    2. Airglow - Joe Garston
    3. Closer To Earth - Solis and Sean Truby
    4. Winds of Melody - Sergey Alekseev
    5. Salt - Shawn Mitiska
    6. Blink - Mike Sonar
    7. Caligula - Stoneface and Terminal
    8. Final Race - Max Freegrant
    9. Everytime You Smile - Protoculture
    10. Shilong Nights - Paul Thomas and Steve Haines
    11. Free - Johnny Norberg
    12. Durban - Genix
    13. Moments - BXT
    14. Lost World - Mizar B
    15. Find The Light - Denis Kenzo
    16. Illuminate - Essonita

  • Robot Love is the definition of quality hands in the air progressive trance. Dj Canellis does damage with an abundance of dark tones with some serious firepower! With its electric upholstery, big room atmospherics, huge top lines, and perfectly timed emotive orchestral styled breakdowns to give you a breather. This mix also boasts one of the meanest climaxes of the year. Handle with care! Don't miss this beast! Dj Canellis delivers yet again an incredible mix that is perfect for a Tempo run.

    1. Because you're here - Somna feat Jennifer Rene
    2. A little Rain - Mike Shiver feat Shannon Hurley
    3. Up to You - Mino Safy
    4. Seven - Andy Hope
    5. Manga - Stone n Forward
    6. Robot Love - Senadee
    7. I am your shadow - Giuseppi Ottaviani
    8. I will Love Again - Ronald Van Gelderen
    9. Creative Technology - Oleg Farrier

  • Winter Stories is a masterful, chord driven, electro progressive hybrid with bold rippling undertones, crisp percussion and electric melodic teasers throughout the mix. Gliding its way into a high tension breakdowns, Dj Canellis outputs a super infectious mix that will unleash the athlete in you! Don't miss this one!

    1. You Know The Deal - Bisbetic
    2. Burning Gold - Christina Perri
    3. Stars - Ron Carrol
    4. Falling - Thomas Hayes
    5. Moringa - Steve Brian
    6. Interstellar - Laszlo
    7. Dreams Alive - Alexander Turok
    8. Reminisce - Hanski
    9. Full Eclipse - Franz
    10. Spartan - Khazm
    11. Aika - BT
    12. These Days Are Ours - Antillas
    13. Pirate Bay - Anthony Waldhorn
    14. Adeea - CJ Arthur, Markus Voorn
    15. Vienna - Rene Dale
    16. Psychodynamics - Jay Ricci, Rick Pancotti

  • Sands of Time is a exceptionally creative and infectious mix with lots of unpredictable twists. Great for a 1 hour Tempo run, or push yourself and make it a POWER RUN. Dj Canellis provides a truly stunning groove that will leave any runner in submission! Assured beats and melodies coupled with nail biting bass lines. A fantastic mix to start off December!
    1. Memories - Adam Sobiech
    2. Life Support Machine - Senadee
    3. Sands of Time - Andrew Lang
    4. Morning Breeze - Blend
    5. The Unknown - Neev Kennedy
    6. Call of Space - Gregory Esayan
    7. Red Room - Tygris
    8. Aurora - Ilan Bluestone
    9. Sinai - Ilan Bluestone
    10. Snapdragon - Ilan Bluestone

  • Dj Canellis delivers a real treat with Inovio, supplying an abundance of energy, drive and emotion. With intricate high tension synths, solid percussions, warm undertones and gorgeous melodies Inovio unleashes the Runner in YOU! Put in your earbuds and tie those shoes tight. Let the music transport you to IBIZA!! Inovio is the mix that will unleash the power within and take your run to the next level. Life is beautiful, there is always a ray of light and you are a CHAMPION - BELIEVE!

  • Dj Canellis injects his much loved progressive vibe and signature sounds into Paradise. Encapsulating lush vocals and soft progressive bass lines Dj Canellis takes your run on a journey into Paradise. Paradise is a soft progressive summery groove for well deserved steady state easy run.

  • Always hope – a mix that surpasses all other mixes. When your world seems to change overnight and you don't know what it takes to move on, just embrace. Always Hope provides inspirational lyrics and catchy grooves that capture for one hour. Always Hope is about remembering the sun will always keep shining and everything will always be alright. When things are down remember to look into the light and get a little piece of heaven. Dance with me, Sing with me, Run with me!

  • Cinco De Miler - I created this mix for the Cinco 5 miler race in Chicago. It's a very lush production with warm chords and addictive base line grooves that just make you want to move your feet.

  • Electric City is one of those special mixes that simply inspires and motivates from within. It is about a person who is struggling with coming out of a relationship. Electric City speaks about moving forward, understanding that things will never be the same, learning to fly blind and knowing that you will feel love again after the rain. Electric City will transport you to a stunning running path on the beautiful shores of Spain with its sexy Balearic guitars. But what I find to be the most amazing experience is the creation of the Galloping Effect!! Download Electric City and run like a horse in the DERBY!!

  • Shamrock Shuffle – Driving Beats, Grinding Basslines, Melodic Strings and Heartfelt Vocals. Shamrock Shuffle will have you shuffling and pushing harder as each song progresses until you cross the finish line. I created this mix for the Shamrock Shuffle and broke my PR!!
    Download Shamrock Shuffle Now!!!

  • Form First, Speed Will follow - is an unforgettable 60 minute mix that assists you in keeping a steady pace and concentrating on your form. The use of breathtaking vocal chops, stabby chord arrangements, gentle melodies and groovy bass lines keep you moving steadily along. Dj Canellis’s unique masterful arrangements keep listeners engaged and curious as to what comes next. Absolutely top draw! Download Form First Speed will Follow NOW!!

  • 1 hour physics is a non stop power run full of elegant piano melodies, Balearic guitar solos and keyboard stabs. Sporadic vocals will lift you along on your journey. 20 minutes into the mix you will blast off into a new dimension and experience the Running To The Beat effect!!

  • A powerful 30 minute mix with outstanding melodies, sexy vocals and uplifting forward thinking sounds. 30 Quantum delivers a perfect combination between uplifting beats, driving bass lines and those lustrous breakdowns where you have a moment to reflect, feel your body and get ready for that next push!! Download 30 Quantum NOW!!!

  • Soft loungey trance house. Amazing instrumentals and very soft vocals. Hypnotic

  • Stunning Running Mix - Full of great energy - Makes you want to run faster and faster.

  • 1 hour power workout, best running music workouts available on website

  • Meltdown is a well constructed 37 minute mix that is commanding, compelling and convincing. Meltdown will challenge your power and endurance as it builds and builds to a beautiful crescendo. Dj Canellis’s fusing of styles and unheard of combos of rhythms create an invincible driving flow of energy, all the while allowing your mind to drift while your body stays in motion. Download Meltdown NOW!!

  • The Best Running Mix - Tunes by Tydi, Beat Service, Andy Moor, Shogun...

  • Skydiver takes charge of your run lifting you off your feet and making you fly. Dj Canellis does what he does best and injects some real driving moody progressive bass lines, melodies and vocals that ignite your spirit and mesmerising energy.

  • Uplifting Trance and Progressive Running Tunes August 2012

  • FANTASIA - Marathon Mix Set 4 - The Power of Music

  • FANTASIA - Marathon Mix Set 3 - An emotional mix of songs that will have you flying thru the clouds....

  • Fantasia - Marathon Mix set 2 - Mix of euphoric, emotional, hypnotic, thematic songs that will transport you to your fantasy land.

  • FANTASIA - An energetic, emotional, euphoric mix of music that will transport you to your Fantasy Land.

  • An amazing mix to keep your pace and take you on a blissful nighttime journey!

  • 30 minute cardio workout to get the blood moving. New sounds and Grooves

  • Supersonic Running. Full on 1 hour mix. Helps you keep your tempo and work on accelerations.

  • Beautiful Bliss is a, “hands in the air,” combination of familiar songs (Need You Now – Lady Antebellum) remixed with incredible driving beats, uplifting heartfelt vocals and all the while keeping a light, summery feel. Beautiful Bliss will have you running faster, longer and with a big smile.

  • Celebrate a beautiful uplifting fun party mix.

  • "Morning Breeze 2" The perfect morning set to get you moving and grooving. Very emotional and contemplative, keeps your feet flying.

  • Put on your shoes, head out the door and get ready for A KICK IN THE ASS! The groove is so hypnotic that your feet will simply move. This mix is perfect for any time of the day but I prefer to use it early in the morning when hitting the streets. It will make you feel like you are a nonstop locomotive. Feel the power of RUNNING TO THE BEAT!!

  • Gear 1 - I start your run gently with bouncy bass lines, and sweet guitar/piano melodies. Gear 2 – Energetic keyboard stabs propel you forward to the next level. Gear 3 -Keeps you moving with dark serious bass lines and sounds overlaid with hypnotic strings. A powerful mix that will take you through your heart rate zones!!!

  • Best running music 2010. Episode 2 will help you find your cadence and keep it. The perfect music for the perfect pace.

  • Amazing inspirational music to make you RUN like a super hero

  • Great upbeat happy fun uplifting vocals. Full of sing along songs and groovy bass lines that will keep you running!

  • Best Running music 30 min set, from my Gay Days DJ Contest Voting starts on March 13th Follow instruction on Website and on my annoucements

  • The Best Running Music Mix, Powerful Trax that keep you moving.

  • The Best running music 2010

  • The best running 2010. Powerful, Inspirational, Motivational and Propels you forward

  • Dig Deep power run. The most intense running set to date.

  • Says Your Prayers. A musical journey to the stars. The best music for running. Running music that propels you forward for a climatic finish. Music for running that drives you forward and gives you strength.

  • Best running music mix to propel forward with. Grindy like a locomotive, and hot like steam.

  • The best running music on the planet. Music that keeps me chugging along.

  • Episode 1 includes driving beats that move you like no other. Vocals that lift your spirits, and sounds that vibrate thru your body. Run Free!!

  • Yoga, Pilates, Relaxation, Chill,

  • A Christmas Story


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  • hi dj Peter canellis!

    I just needed to pass along some praise for your podcast running to the beat. I know it's been a while since an episode has been released but I feel like I know you. Your podcasts have been my running partner since I started running back in 2012. The mixes are just simply a work of art and I love how inspiring the music is! I truly transform out on the pavement while being guided by your mixes. It's like I turn into a higher being and it's all thanks to you and putting your art out there for the world to be blessed by. I know this sounds a bit over the top but I truly mean every word. My occupation by day is a music therapist and many times I have considered your podcast along with the physical act of running my own form of music therapy. Thank you!! I'd love to hear more or maybe even collaborate. Who knows?! Just knew this praise and gratitude was way overdue. Thanks for being awesome. Liz

  • “I’ve been running for about a year now and just found your music via GotRadio and this is the best thing since sliced bread. I get lost in the music and I can truly just run and run and run. Keep it up!”

    - Frank Mendoza

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