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hi peter

this is drew ( english guy living in holland ) i train to your music lots , at least 4 hours a day , sometimes more , training for ironman next year ( can’t wait) my god have i shed some tears to your music not all sadness might i add , i think every inch of my being has been confronted while pounding the roads, dreams i have had to hand back ,friends made and lost , love lost and found , emotions high and low ,my runs always seem to be a time of reflection , while dj peter stimulates my senses , a good companion for the run or the bike , it was not my plan but i am gonna do the rotterdam marathon on 13 april, i am gonna use your marathon sets , can’t wait so excited

LOVE YOUR MUSIC ,and i agree i think music is the speech of angel’s

god bless ya

keep the music flowing


Running To The Beat pres “Paradise” by Dj Peter Canellis



128 bpm Easy Run -Steady State Mix. The music will set the pace, you keep it steady.

Running To The Beat by DJ Peter Canellis “Form First, Speed Will Follow….”


Progressive trance and house beats, Rhythms, and Sounds. The best Running Music Podcast in the World!!