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Dear Runners,

Running to the beat is moving full steam ahead to STREAMING ONLY. I am seeking BETA TESTERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD for the next 2 weeksI Please shoot me an email if you would like to participate. If you are already are a Beta Tester and would like to recommend a friend please have them shoot me an email.

Musically Yours,

DJ Peter Canellis

Featured Running Mix

The Original 5k Race | Aug 17, 2015

DJ Canellis delivers an emotional and soothing 5k race mix filled with melodic vocals, balearic guitars, big room percussion, shimmering piano lines, lush pads and warm bass. At times Canellis will take you on a smooth running climax then gently bring you back down to your race pace. Canellis keeps driving the beats forward all the way thru the FINISH LINE.

New Runnig Mixes

Electric City | Aug 14, 2015

Electric City is one of those special mixes that simply inspires and motivates from within. It is about a person who is struggling with coming out of a relationship. Electric City speaks about moving forward, understanding that things will never be the same, learning to fly blind and knowing that you will feel love again after the rain. Electric City will transport you to a stunning running path on the beautiful shores of Spain with its sexy Balearic guitars. But what I find to be the most amazing experience is the creation of the Galloping Effect!! Download Electric City and run like a horse in the DERBY!!

Chicago Shamrock | Aug 11, 2015

Shamrock Shuffle – Driving Beats, Grinding Basslines, Melodic Strings and Heartfelt Vocals. Shamrock Shuffle will have you shuffling and pushing harder as each song progresses until you cross the finish line. I created this mix for the Shamrock Shuffle and broke my PR!!
Download Shamrock Shuffle Now!!!


Greetings and Welcome

Hello people, this is Drew the designer and developer for the new Running to The Beat 2.0 website! I hope you will find all the fitness motivation you have been looking for here and encourage you to check out the Mixes!