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Get Movin, Keep Movin #1 Tempo Run | Apr 8, 2015

1-hour-run, Heart-Rate-Training-Zone-3

Get Movin, Keep Movin #1 Tempo Run

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Robot Love December mix 3 | Apr 16, 2015

Speed of Light | Apr 16, 2015

Speed of Light is an uplifting trancer built around glorious lead melodies, warm chords, and hypnotic vocals. It’s the perfect mix to challenge yourself and push for faster pr’s.
With crescendo and crescendo, with layer upon layer of beautiful cascading melodies you will find yourself soaring. Unleash the Athlete in you and download Speed of Light NOW!


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Hello people, this is Drew the designer and developer for the new Running to The Beat 2.0 website! I hope you will find all the fitness motivation you have been looking for here and encourage you to check out the Mixes!