Does Running To The Beat Inspire your runs? Does Running To The Beat keep you Motivated? Does Running To The Beat help you run faster, keep a steady pace, or take you on a journey. If so, then subscribe now to the #1 Running Podcast on Itunes “Running To The Beat Podcast”. Subscribe now for only $6.99 per month. How my do you value my music on your runs? As much as the gels, drinks, and gadgets? You spend hundreds of $$$ a year on different products that only last hours. Music lasts a life time. For only $6.99 per month I provide the tunes, the flow, the energy, the groove and the perfect mix. If you where to do all this your self you will be spending Hundreds of $$ per month on the music and would never be able to mix it like I do. And do you even have the time to try? $6.99 is the gateway to a happy musical running journey. Let “Running To The Beat” provide the Lush Musical Soundscapes for your runs.

Many of you have asked if you could donate a fixed amount. And I say “Hell Yeah” Feel free to donate any amount you would like. Obviously, the more you donate :]] the more access you will have in the upcoming months.

Thanks for your support

Peter Canellis


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  1. Hello again, Peter!!
    Do you remember me? Last time I send you a mail giving thak you about yor podcast Heaven´s Lounge, Which I have alls. I am runner like you and you invited to suscribe me to new podcast “Running to the beat”. In fact, I Have done, and I bring on my iphone your music, always. It get give me a lot of force to get goods sprins and longs distance. Last time, in last june, I was running halfmarathon in glaciar Bettmeralf, here in Swischerland. The place it was wonderfull. I will send you some pictures.
    You must continued like this.

  2. Peter, just thought you’d like to know that you have devoted follower in Nottingham, England. I love your podcasts, mate. I run, lift and train for squash while listening to them. If you’re ever plating in the uk let me know. Great work fella! Paul

  3. Hi Peter,

    Great mixes for spinning and cycling as well!
    Keep up performing.

    Can you add track-listings to your website?

    Thanks, Patrick

  4. Hello Peter,

    I just ran my firts half marathon last weekend in Quebec city Canada. For my next half marathon i would like to do it with your music. Could you tell me how it is possible to put your mix into my ipod shuffle?


    Yanick Normandeau

  5. I’ve been running to your mixes for a couple of years.
    I’m training for my first marathon in Cayman Islands on December 5, 2010 (12 weeks away)! Can you post that one on your schedule?

  6. Hi Peter,

    Thank you from the Land of Oz! I ran my first half in Sydney on Sunday and the music was perfect – surprised and very happy with 1:48:45 so thank you for the invisible breath of wind in my ears! Looking forward to many more to come as all 5 of your mixes are on exceptionally high rotation :) Kissed the pavement (almost managed the save but not quite) as a guy cut in front at a pinch point half way along but your beats lifted my heart through the shock and was the metronome that moved my little legs on! Your positive energy indeed has a global reach!

    Thanks for the track listings too – have purchased some in iTunes as it is a music genre I don’t otherwise frequent. Looking forward to #1, 3 & 4′s specs to track some others down too… Maybe we out here in your fan-land could perhaps vote for the listed songs that you might then like to mix some time down the track?!

    All the best and sending much gratitude of and over the miles – onward and upward! Is that a marathon I hear beckoning?

    Thank, thank, thank Y.O.U. suave soundster for floating my head in a very good way!

  7. Hi Peter

    Just a quick thanks for your pod casts, your mixes have me back running after a 2 year hiatuses, the mixes are very motivational and set a perfect pace.

    Look forward to the next installments but am still really enjoying what’s currently available.

    Just need an event to train for now! Auckland Marathon is booked out.


  8. Hey there, I’m from South Africa & seriously enjoy running to your mixes. They seem to have dried up though, when’s the next one going to be available & any chance you can do a longer half marathon mix for those of us that are a tad slower than your 2hour Chicago mix?

  9. I am a new runner and became tired of pop music very quickly and stumbled on your podcast. Thank you so much for this! I hope you keep your podcasts going for years to come. I love the flow of the songs. The beat keeps me going even when I do not want to. I enjoy the different tracks… depending on the day, I find a mix that fits my mood. Good luck in your endeavors!

  10. Hello Peter,

    Thank you very much for your excellent workout mixes! I learned to appreciate them very much during my running excercises. Greetings from The Netherlands, Maarten

  11. listening to your podcast from NYC. off the chain!!! right now i’m on “tune into your groove” and am absolutely loving it. so glad i found it.

  12. Hi Peter,
    Your running music is fantastic. I have longed for music which gets me outside of my emotional head and into a zone where the body and mind meet machine. I have been running for thirty five years but thanks to your music, I am finally able to maintain a strong pace for seven+ mile stretch. Thank you for your creative and thoughtful work in putting together these marvelous cuts.

  13. Hi Peter,

    Your music has come as south as Brazil. I usually don’t listen to anything while I run, but made an exception to your podcasts on my long runs. I can just let my thoughts go anywhere.
    Now I have a request. I injured my knee in a soccer match (rupture of the anterior crutiate ligament) and have to move on crutches for a while. What would you put together to listen to during recovery? I am thinking of the physiotherapy sessions.

    Congratulations on your music.

  14. So glad I found your podcast! Great music selection and mixes for my distance runs – helps me keep up my pace. Thank you for doing this!

  15. Hi Peter,

    I just wanted to say that I am glad I discovered your pod casts. I am presently training for what I hope to be the first ultra of the year: March in the Victorian Alps in Australia. Keep up the great work.


    Ross C

  16. One more grateful runner sending a note of appreciation. All I need is sunshine and your Podcast and my day is made. Thanks so much for this welcome gift.

  17. Peter – thanks for the tunes seriously loving it! my running will never be the same…muchas gracias from Oz.

  18. Peter, thanks for the tunes – seriously loving it! my running will never be the same…muchas gracias from OZ.

  19. The best music to lift, run and do any type of fast-paced exercise. I haven’t found anything better and your music makes the workouts fun. Thank you!

  20. Hi,
    I am in Australia and I absolutely looooove ‘tune into your groove’. I am new to running and it has got me to 10km over the last few weeks!! I have a friend who would like the podcast but I can’t seem to find it again on itunes. I have searched and searched. Can you please point me in the right direction? Also, do you have any other podcasts that keep that steady easy pace. Many I have listened to seem a bit fast for me yet!! Thanks…so happy I found running to the BEAT!

  21. Thanks Rob I really appreciate the comment. Make sure to tell all your friends, post a comment on Itunes and like my Running To The Beat Fan Page.

  22. Natalie, Thanks for finding my show. Please tell all your friends and fellow runners, post a comment on Itunes and LIKE my Running To The Beat Facebook page.

    Thanks for listening


  23. Hello Peter – I love your podcasts but why can’t I find any of the episodes on iTunes produced prior to December 2010?

  24. Hi Peter,
    Wanted to say thanks, you got me to run my first half marathon.
    I love your music.


  25. Hi Peter,
    Had a great race in Cayman Islands in December and a PB in Toronto this May, looking forward to beating it in Montreal this September. I’ve been listening to your podcasts since I first started running. My favourite is your tea party dance mix! Its what I listen to on the last half of a race and 2hr+ training runs. I feel like dancing across the finish when I listen to it! Thanks so much for the motivation, sometimes I just go for a run just to listen to your mixes and you make the harder training days less treacherous! When is your next big race? You should consider Montreal, its a beautiful city to run through! Do you have any more mixes like your tea party dance mix that you could post? I love running/dancing/singing to it in the park, people think I’m absolutely crazy!


  26. Peter,

    Just found your podcast and love it. I am running the Verizon 5K today in Morristown – the second mile is all hills with an elevation change of 89 yards from the start.

    Can you recommend one of your tracks for a 9 to 9.5 minute per mile pace?


  27. Hey there Peter!
    I became a fan ever since I stumbled upon your podcast on iTunes and don’t run to the sound of anything else!
    Thanks from Lisbon, Portugal!

  28. thank you for the great mixs. I really enjoy all the work you put into this.
    I was listening to your xmas 2010 mix and hear acouple of songs I’ve never hear before.
    Is there a list of the songs on that mix?

  29. I’ve started to train with tune into your groove. Perfect!!!!! (I can stand longer :D )
    Thank you!


  30. Thank you.

    I started becoming a competitive runner about 6 months ago.
    I used your Podcasts durring my 200 mile Ultra RAGNAR 6 person relay from Miami to Key West. It really helped me keep a steady pace and alowed me to push through my 32 miles.
    Now training for my first Half-Marathon(Feb 26th) & Marathon(Mar 17th)
    so again Thank You, I look forward to more Training/Racing with “Runningtothebeat”


  31. Hello,

    I love your podcasts – they have help me get through learning how to run and maintain it for around a year now. I don’t think I could have done it without them. Thanks so much for your work.


  32. brilliant mixes! just found them 3 weeks ago (since i started running) and every run i listem to fantasia. i just love it and makes my running experience really emotional (good emotions!!) so thanks so much for what you do. Susie xx

  33. Peter,

    Thanks you, Thanks you, Thanks you, Thanks you, Thanks you, Thanks you, Thanks you, Thanks you, Thanks you, Thanks you!

    I just came across your podcast – positive, uplifting, perfect!!

    Did my long run today listening to your Italia Tea mix – wow, it was a breeze.

    Keep up the great work.



  34. Hi from Israel, loving your mixes, it’s ideal for my running habits and great for any kind of activity, thanks so much for what you are doing, and keep going!

  35. Hey Peter, have you thought about a way of making the music available on Spotify, aside from iTunes? For those of us increasingly using the latter and forever having issues with the former, it might make your great mixes available to an ever-increasing audience. Just a thought.

    Anyway, off for a 2hr bike ride later, helped on by the two latest podcasts.


  36. Anthony,

    Unfortunately, I cannot make it available on spotify for legal reasons. I am in the works of revamping my website so one may purchase streaming and downloads at Point of Sale. This will becoming soon.

  37. Peter, I have been subscribing to this podcast for 2 years. I love it.
    I have just paid for subscription via PayPal from this website. So far I haven’t received any notification emails from you. This gets me nervous. Can you kindly drop a note to reassure me?


  38. Peter,
    Thank you so much for replying immediately via email and then for sending me the link to download the music.
    You’re awesome.


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