How many downloads per month? Minimum 1 – 1hour donwload per month. I tend to create 2-3 mixes per month of different lengths. For example, 1 mix is 1 hour, 1 mix is 30 minutes, 1 mix is 2 hours.

If I cancel my subscription can I rejoin at my old rate? Unfortunately, this is not an option. If you cancel your subscription and rates increase you will be subjected to the new rates.

How do I receive the files? All files are sent from HIGHTAIL.com. When you receive your download you have 30 days to download the mix. You are only able to download the mix 1 time.

How do I put the files on my ipod or android? Once you have downloaded the file onto your computer you simply drag the file to the program you would like it to play from. If it is Itunes, simply drag and drop into the folder. If it is double twist, simply drag and drop into the folder.

If you need additional assistance with anything please feel free to reach out to me. It may take me a day or tow to respond.

Musically Yours,


6 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. Hi Peter
    Just love your podcast , running with you music has certainly motivated my running. When will you posting some more?
    Jill from UK/ and south Africa

  2. How do i use the lists. Do I have to compile it myself or the songs are available somewhere and i can download them.

  3. Hello, ive been through the Subscribe procedure, what am i doing now ??


    Peter Canellis is this a greek name ??

  4. Peter, I was always getting bored with my running music and rarely had the time to create new playlists. You have saved the day and its always something new yet strangely familiar. Thanks!

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