Running To The Beat takes motivation and energy output to the next level, burning severe calories and creating better overall health for its users. Our music has been scientifically proven to help inspire individuals to push thru their workouts. Thru the use of music therapy, we focus on removing the individual from the exercise by dissociation thru music. By creating a musical journey that is meaningful, harmonic, therapeutic and energetic, we make them Forget, Dream, and Get Lost in their head. We put them in a hypnotic state which makes them feel relaxed, at ease but yet full of energy. Our music enables individuals to solve their problems and be very creative while exercising. Experience the Creativity of the Beat!

Our music has a purpose. Each mix is intelligent, sophisticated and specially designed for indoor and outdoor running.  There is always a warm-up, peak, and cool down section.  We create musical soundscapes for your runs around the world. Experience the Journey of the Beat!

Our music has been scientifically proven to help inspire and push individuals thru their workouts. And our music has been tested and shown to push runners above and beyond their limits. Each song has a place and time. No more stale playlists, no more skipping thru tracks, no more iPhone or Computer hassles. Experience the Power of the Beat!

Running To The Beat is continuously evolving by finding new songs/rhythms and beats that inspire and new innovative ways to mix the music that will help motivate/propel users thru their workouts. Experience the Sound of the Beat!

Peter Canellis
CEO, Music Creator
I found that what Peter ultimately gives us is not just another podcast to subscribe to, or more great music to listen to… instead, I found what he gives us searchers is an experiential place to go. And, the cool thing about what he does and the way he does it is, you get to pick where you want it to take you. Depending on the life activities you are into, the choice of places is up to you, and they are limitless. The more you find out about the guy, and the more you get into his mixes and the depth and quality of his sounds, the more you realize his genius goes way beyond just djing. You discover he’s more of a celestial transporter of some kind.” Itunes Podcast Review by Hot Zone Searcher

Under the moniker ‘’DJ St. Peter’’, Canellis was an ever-present and influential club force on the New York and Miami club scene in the 90’s and early 2000′s. He spun at the leading bars and clubs such as Liquid, Warsaw, Twist, Shadow Lounge, Tunnel, Limelight, Palladium, Glam Slam, Salvation, Crobar, Score, Bed, Amnesia, Winter Party Pool Party 1st annual, New Orleans Halloween Moondance 1999, Champs Tea Dance, Tom of Finland Parties, Tantra Lounge, Snowball…..

In 2002 Canellis resigned from the music scene due to personal reasons. Nine years later, after years of soul-searching, Canellis has returned to the decks, capturing the essence of his music, engulfing his listeners and delivering multi-layered aural, euphoric, energetic, sexy, magical, hypnotic, trippy, and introspective sojourns.
Canellis, also referred to as The Storyteller or Transporter, magically creates mystical musical soundscapes, thus creating the illusion of “traveling without moving”.  From a New York City dark and sexy lounge to a Las Vegas after-hours crazy fest to a Los Angeles mega club, to a summer afternoon dance on the Aegean Cliffs, all the way to a small hip coffee shop, you will be transported wherever your imagination and the music takes you.

The belief there is a time and place for each song, thus creating the perfect journey has always been a Canellis trademark. Canellis gives you the option of following his story or letting you visualize your own,  providing his audience with a soundtrack which moves you along his path.  “A musical journey is like creating a Rembrandt. It takes thought, inspiration, passion, desire, experiences, and an understanding of LIFE as it is and where you would like it to be. I don’t do this because it is a job, I do this because I want the audience to feel my heart and soul through music.”

Peter Canellis’ utilizes a wide range of genres, ranging from progressive trance, Balearic tribal, progressive house, electro, chill, ambient, and trip-hop while always searching, and sometimes creating, unique and profound sounds and grooves as he is considered a leader in the frontier. Canellis delivers a depth of electronica that is sophisticated, intelligent and elegant while manifesting a widespread appeal to a broad spectrum of devotees.
Peter Canellis’ current sound is fancying a global audience, thanks in large part to his worldwide renowned internet podcast, Running To The Beat.

The story of Canellis’ professional life is a fascinating blend of remarkable experiences and impressive achievements within the dance music industry.  From witnessing the initial growth of house music as an art form and being a part of its earliest days in Chicago to being one of the most sought-after DJs in NYC and Miami under the moniker of DJ St. Peter.  His current status as a podcasting star known as DJ Peter Canellis has brought him even greater acclaim and success, providing further proof that no matter what the stage name, Canellis is a DJ with unique, exciting, and unquestioned talent. The book is far from closed on the life of Canellis, and the chapters to come will undoubtedly be as fascinating and chock-full as the ones already written.