Saints and Angels Incorporated is a full-service music, fitness and virtual reality company.  We work specifically with big box fitness clubs, boutique fitness centers, yoga studios, cycling studios, restaurants, lounges commercial and residential buildings, and individuals.   

  1. We specialize in creating non-stop hi-energy work-out mixes that inspire and motivate individuals to be their best while workout.  Running To The Beat
  2. We specialize in creating musical journeys that will influence and enhance the customer’s dining and lounge experience.  Sounds of Avli
  3. We curate and install immersive Virtual Reality Fitness and entertainment experiences for commercial and private home use.  
    • Cycling
    • Rowing
    • Boxing
    • Healing
    • Meditation
    • Energy Healing
    • Movies
    • and more..

The Covid 19 Covid pandemic has transformed the way we communicate and interact with each other. Everything is going virtual—meetings, Networking, Fitness, Meditation, Gaming, Movies, Entertainment, and even dining. 

The barrier between people and devices is quickly disappearing. For example, we are getting more comfortable everyday wearing masks (having something on our faces).  We are moving to a socially distant society with less human interaction, pushing us to live in a virtual world. We’ve moved from traditional live fitness classes to on-demand video classes. We’ve moved from using keyboards to interacting with touch screen interfaces to communicating directly with software. Many of these new immersive and intuitive user experiences are a result of AR/VR technology.

Statistics show that augmented reality and virtual reality is rapidly advancing beyond entertainment and gaming to play an important role in industries including health and wellness, fitness, and real estate. 

Whether we like it or not, this is the direction the world is moving. Are you ready to be part of the shift?


Yes, I’m interested in discussing either a Virtual Reality project for my home, business, residential/commercial hi-rise, or business. Or music curation and Dj services for my restaurant, lounge, or fitness center. Please fill out the contact form below, and we will reach out within 24 hours.