We cannot define or quantify

the power of healing through sound.

We can only embrace it as the bridge

to travel to the un-chaotic isle

of the horizon!


Saints & Angels Inc. is a boutique sound healing ecosystem that offers ‘healing through sound’ experiences. It has been assisting thousands of people in ensuring a comforting auditory environment to unleash their potential best. It is a healing paradise…The different ‘healing through sound’ forms that Saints & Angels creates for you –

Sound Healing Therapeutic Experiences 

Saints & Angels Sound Healing Therapeutic Experiences are a private and unique way to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind. While you are lying down in the recording studio, you will be surrounded by beautiful soundscapes and immersed in a vibrational and frequency experience that will help you bring back vibrational balance,  clear energetic blockages, boost your health, support, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, release stress, anxiety, tension, fewer mood swings, lower cholesterol, pain management, lower blood sugar, reduced risks of strokes and coronary artery disease and improved sleep, help alleviate the side-effects from cancer drugs and other medications.  It gives you the perfect opportunity to experience deep relaxation and meditation. From the touches of relaxing ocean sounds to energizing chants and drums – these are created with variety in mind. These mixes help people to deal with anxiety, stress, cancer-killing, autism, and many such conditions. Explore S&A’s Sound Healing Therapeutic Experiences now! Inquire about individual, couple, group, and corporate wellness experiences here!

Sound Healing Group Experiences

Saints & Angels, inc offers Sound Healing Baths/Meditations as per clients’ requirements. Some people might think that the only way to experience sound is through their ears. However, sound can also be experienced throughout the entire body. An S&A session allows you to experience sounds in a completely new dimension.  

They offer sound healing sessions that are tailored to the needs of each individual or couple. They also offer group sound healing sessions, allowing participants to experience ‘healing through sound’ together. The master creator of these tunes infuses the crystal singing bowls, shruti along with a plethora of meditative instruments with brainwave entrainment music. The combination of the sound and vibration, with guided meditation, helps to synchronize your brainwaves and induce a deep state of relaxation. Apart from various other benefits, these tunes improve sleep quality and boost your well-being.  Book your Sound Healing Baths with Saints & Angels today! Pc@saints-angels.com

Sound Healing Fitness Mixes

Saints & Angels, inc offers Sound Healing Fitness Mixes for fitness enthusiasts. Their fitness mixes are the perfect addition to your workouts. The sounds and vibrations help to increase energy, focus, and relaxation. They are also great for clearing the mind and creating a peaceful environment. These mixes fit the varied needs of individuals. Give S&A’s Sound Healing Fitness Mixes a try today! Only available on the world re-known “Running To The Beat” Itunes Podcast Running To The Beat Podcast


The Ossicles of Saints & Angels

Heavens Lounge 

Brought to people in 2009, it is a one-stop podcast destination crafted to auditory precision for people to consume relaxing lounge or chill music. It had over 300k downloads when it was available on iTunes. Fulling Musical Journeys: Heavens Lounge is the first ossicle of Saints & Angels. These are beautifully created musical journeys to influence and enhance the experiences of customers while they enjoy their time at lounges, restaurants, stores, and the like. Sounds of Avli is available on Spotify, here!

Running to The Beat

Released for fitness enthusiasts in 2011, the second ossicle of Saints & Angels is – Running to The Beat. This podcast manifests the most desired auditory assistance that people need while indulging in their daily fitness regime. The 250K downloads on iTunes are a testament to the perseverance of its master sound creators. Saints & Angels is available now with the best sound offerings for your venture! Running To The Beat Podcast


What would we do without Saints & Angels?

The Covid 19 pandemic has unveiled many questions which are hard to decipher, let alone resolve. Without Saints & Angels, we wouldn’t be able to come out of the mental catastrophes that engulf us. This thriving ecosystem has made us realize the power that sound can have in healing when our engagements have become virtual by default. Our meetings, collaborations, fitness, networking, meditation, gaming, entertainment, and dining – everything has been redefined by the pandemic and Saints & Angels is turning this definition around to our contentment.

Without it, we would have probably not discovered the impact which 30 years of DJ-ing and crafting music across the globe can have on us. What we get from Saints & Angels are not just soundtracks – we get the quintessential blend of frequencies and vibrations; solfeggio tones and binaural beats that take mindfulness and healing to the next level.