Meet Peter Canellis

I believe that each of us enters this world with a greater purpose. Throughout my life, I have been drawn to a higher level of consciousness that has allowed me to find healing, hope, and recovery through the power of Sound. For decades, I have been blessed to help others along their healing journey through binaural beats, sounds, tones, and sound healing music.  

However, nothing in my 30-year career of entertaining, healing, and aligning clients could have prepared me for what happened in 2019.

No one expects to be diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of incurable cancer while they are in the prime of their lives. Yet, in 2019, I found myself facing Multiple Myeloma – a rare plasma cancer that impacts only 3% of individuals in my age group worldwide. After a brief period of personal mourning, I began to employ the very modalities of healing that I used for countless clients throughout my career to redefine my own health journey. Using binaural beats, solfeggio tones, and other specialized sounds, I alleviated the side effects of traditional medical interventions such as chemotherapy, steroids, bone shots, and the myriad of other drugs that were being ingested and injected into my body.  

And here I am.

Living my life on my terms, embracing every precious moment, and healing myself through the power of Sound and music.

I’ve been a healer my entire life; however, my dance with incurable cancer has infused a higher level of consciousness, understanding, and empathy that has only emboldened my mission, drive, and purpose. I understand the fear. The anger.

The sadness. The pain. I understand the confusion. The stress.

The despair.

But I also understand the beauty of this life and the tremendous capacity we each have to heal ourselves and live our lives authentically. I understand that nature offers us endless ways to ease our minds, reconnect with our purpose, and repair our wounded physical beings. Above all, I understand that hope is never lost, and that healing is always possible if you are ready to open yourself up to it.

Throughout my years as a classically trained pianist and alto saxophonist, as well as my long, joyous career as a DJ, Producer, Remix Artist, and Creative Director, I have developed the skills, knowledge, experience, and intuition necessary to provide my clients with the valuable guidance, support, and understanding that they seek and deserve throughout their own unique healing journey.

Peter Canellis is a certified Angelic Energy Healer and an industry-recognized Dj, Music Curator, and Producer. Since his 2019 cancer diagnosis, Peter has expanded his knowledge of music even further and is now becoming a recognized Sound Therapist/Healer. He established Heaven’s Lounge in 2009, remaining it Saints and Angels in 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. Saints and Angels have helped individuals living with cancer, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, autism, and other illnesses through music. He is the creator of three world-famous podcasts (Running to the Beat, Heaven’s Lounge, and Cycle to the Beat), has traveled around the world entertaining revelers at various events, and has been a featured speaker on Vibrational Healing and Sound Healing throughout the 2020s.