No Warning Lights

No Warning is a hypnotic mix that will lock you into a running groove from the onset and won’t let you go. Expect to sweat, breathe, challenge and push yourself. Slow, Medium, Fast, you choose. The steady tempo and steam engine grooves will have you burning the rubber. No Warning – will play with your heartstrings and ignite you from the inside without a Warning!

LLamas In Space

How to use this mix.

LLamas in Space is a super fun, 40 min run that will keep you moving at groovin.  I use this mix for a fartlek run.  Below is an example of how I run to this mix.

The first 3 songs are perfect for warming up.  As the energy is moving pick up your pace and as it cools down bring it back a bit.  The warmup last about 7 min.

Songs 4-5 are perfect for finding your groove and just riding steady for about 10min

Song 6 is perfect to pull back on and then pick up towards to the end as the song builds.  Feel The Beat.

Song 7 run this as interval or fartlek and just keep going for 3 min

Song 8 is a doozy.  This is a chugger for 11 min.  Find your groove and push your hardest for the full 11 min.

Song 9 You pushed till the end and now is not the time to throw in the towel.  Give it all you got.  The only regret is not doing your best.

Play List

  1. Starry Eyes – Young Blood
  2. Dancing With A Stranger – Cheat Codes
  3. SOS – Avicci
  4. Concrete Heart – Vassey
  5. Push – Eric Redd
  6. Power is Power – Game of Thrones
  7. Bad Guy – Billie Eillish
  8. Sylvia Says – Radio Slave
  9. Hey Ma Look I Made It – Panic At The Disco
40 Min Fun Powerfull mix that will leave you breathless and wanting more…

Chicago Marathon – The Home Stretch

Dear Runners, This will be the last mix I put on Itunes that will be 30min or longer.  Moving forward all my music can be found on my Running To The Beat App which is available for download on the Itunes and Google Play Stores.

This mix is 31:44 min. You are 31 minutes away from AWESOMENESS!  This is where you give it your last gusto and GO!!! You’ve crossed many hurdles over the past 4 hours and this is no time give up.  Regret will last a lifetime, Pain will last a few minutes. Dig Deep in Your Soul and push. You are SUPER HUMAN!!! Congratulations!!