HEAVEN’S LOUNGE enhances well-being by restoring flow to your energy system; comprehensively developing the subtle anatomy by releasing mental-emotional blocks and transforming your consciousness in an accelerated fashion. Combining depth and potency, HEAVEN’S LOUNGE incorporates music, virtual reality, energy healing and experience to support better well-ness and support self-realization.


The Power of Healing Music

Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.

Virtual Reality

Energy Healing

Energy healing – also referred to as ‘energy work’ – is a holistic method in which higher consciousness and energy flow through the practitioner to clear the blockage and support the physical body’s natural regeneration.

Holistic means all aspects – mind, body and spirit – are being addressed. Unlike Western allopathic medicine, which generally treats symptoms, holistic healing gets to the root of a problem. Energy healing works directly with the electromagnetic field which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. The popular terms for this structure are the aura, the energy field or the light body. The contemporary term is multidimensional or subtle anatomy.

For thousands of years traditional cultures around the world have featured energy medicine and the practice has recently reemerged in revised formats. Modern science has provided new language and concepts to understand energy healing in a contemporary framework.

Energy healing is for anyone interested in transformation! It works as a stand-alone practice and is also highly complementary to other holistic methods. Some practitioners prefer to work only on themselves, while others may be interested in doing healing work with others. There are no special skills required to do energy healing – anyone can do it – you simply have to invest time and effort into developing a practice.

Clarifying your wellness goals is the best way to determine how many sessions are right for you. A single session is a great way to experience frequency energy healing, gain clarity about a particular issue or even as a ‘system diagnostic’ to better understand your prominent energetic patterning. While one session can make quite an impact, issues generally consist of many layers. Investing in a series of three or more sessions is suggested for deeper work. A bespoke ‘season of change’ can be achieved with an investment in a ten-session package. This length of treatment provides an opportunity for comprehensive changes at many levels and we customise a program according to your goals. 

Individually tailored session work means accelerated and effective change specific to your needs.

​You can choose either (one, three or ten sessions)

Organised by category, the Healy Series is curated for our clients’ most common therapeutic requests, demonstrating the extensive range of the Healy Frequency’s and our in-depth knowledge of the human energy system. 

If you’re unclear about your goals or what’s possible to achieve with private session work, or remote session work please contact us with any questions and we can arrange a consultation, free of charge. Private online appointments are currently available with Peter. Please fill out the contact form below to schedule your session. or text 708-228-2477 for scheduling