Saints and Angels Healing through Sound enhances well-being by restoring flow to your energy system. Combining depth and potency, Saints and Angels incorporates sounds, virtual reality, energy healing, intention and personal experience to help boost and support better well-ness and self-awareness.


The Power of Healing Music

Music has healing power. With the use of binaural beats, solfeggio tones, crystal signing bowls and other meditative instruments, I am able to immerse clients with sounds, and tones and give your body the ability to fall into a Delta Wave – Deep Sleep/Meditation.  When you are in the Delta state your body is able to heal and repair itself. 

Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in a visual dream and practice mindfulness breathing exercises.  Dream. Relax, Breathe and be Present.


Frequency Healing

Frequency healing – also referred to as ‘energy work’ – is a method in which frequencies and energy flow through the practitioner to clear the blockage and help the body heal.

If what I say intrigues you please feel free to contact me. I would love to chat and discuss how I can help.