Proud To Run Workout #12 “I Believe” – Evening Run – Progressive Trance Vocals 128-132 BPM’s Medium Fast Tempo

This weeks mix “I Believe” is an awesome “Tempo Run”.  It’s also perfect to listen to on race day.

Also called threshold runs, this is a run performed at the fastest pace you can sustain for a certain period of time. These workouts help you increase sustained speed and the amount of time you can sustain that pace. They are very challenging runs that require some time to recover from afterward. The best way to figure out the pace you can run is to focus on your breathing – you should be able to talk in broken sentences but not be able to carry on a full conversation or be gasping for air.

Example: 1 mile of jogging to warm up, followed by 3 miles at the fastest pace that can be sustained, followed by 1 mile of jogging to cool down.

“I Believe” is an awesome mix for helping you keep a sustained pace for a period of time. The mix starts off with “Shards” by Solarstone followed by “All Is Lost” by Arcania two truly magical productions.  As the mix progresses it becomes more powerful and energizes you every step of the way.

  • Shards – Solarstone
  • All Is Lost – Arcania
  • Rhodes – Arcania
  • Dreamwork –  Vadim Bankroshov
  • I Believe – Ian Bluestone
  • Edge Of Sky – Ferry Corsten
  • Edge Of Time – Seri, Nifra
  • Life Echoes On – Tim Verkruissen


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