Proud To Run Workouts

Dear Runners,

The 37th Annual Proud To Run is June 23, 2018! Please save the date!

It’s as important as ever to unite and move ahead with purpose and pride. And most important of all, to support our fabulous beneficiaries, whose services make our community healthier, safer, and stronger.

In 2017, Proud To Run brought together over 2,000 runners, 200 volunteers, and hundreds of friends, families, and community partners. We also raised a record $65,000 for our beneficiaries!

This year, let’s gather in even greater numbers — in solidarity as a community, in gratitude to our allies, and with love for the city of Chicago.

This year, let’s Run. Forward.

To become a runner, it’s quite simple: All you have to do is run. But if you aim to improve as a runner – whether that means getting faster, going further, or running without injury – you’ll need to run with purpose. At the very least, runners should mix up their speed and terrain with each run to avoid falling into a rut, which can lead to plateauing performance, burnout, or injury. But to thrive, runners should pull from an arsenal of workouts, each one designed to develop the mind and body into a robust and well-rounded runner.
Running To The Beat is going to make your runs more enjoyable, faster, build your endurance, improve your speed, grow your economy and much more. Running To The Beat is where you will find some of the best motivating running music available in the world of music.  Below you will see numerous workout mixes to accompany you on your runs.  They will help you achieve your peak performance all the while making your runs more enjoyable.  Follow these instructions to download and subscribe (I-tunes or Google Play) to Running To The Beat.

  1. Search thru the workouts
  2. Click on Continue Reading
  3. On the second page, you will see the audio player.
  4. Click Download and the mix will be downloaded directly to your computer
  5. Click Subscribe, and be given the option to subscribe to iTunes, Android or email.
  6. If you have iTunes click on the iTunes link and you will be directed straight to the Running To The Beat podcast.  Once completed, every mix will be available on your phone as they are released.  – BEST OPTION

If you have any questions, please contact

Musically Yours,

Peter Canellis