Released for fitness enthusiasts in 2011, the second ossicle of Saints & Angels is – Running to The Beat. This podcast manifests the most desired auditory assistance that people need while indulging in their daily fitness regime. The 250K downloads on iTunes are a testament to the perseverance of its master sound creators. Saints & Angels is available now with the best sound offerings for your venture! Running To The Beat Podcast

What does it mean to be Running To The Beat”?

When the long morning trail cracks your nerves and gives you a high with the sunrise, your body would probably not be in a position to feel the breeze. It needs something bigger, something better. It does not want to be in sync with the slow tempo of the leaves brushing against each other, it does not want another hello from another fellow on the trail when you have the finish line ahead of you. This is when you need the tempo to rise, the air to pump through your body, and the drums to turn into an energizing crescendo! And this is where S&A’s Running To The Beat comes alive…


Running To The Beat gets you rolling for a variety of mixes –

Tempo runs

Running To The Beat has uniquely designed mixes for tempo runs. These tempo runs mixes are made to help you get the most out of your running. S&A carefully crafts tunes that are in the same tempo range so that you can easily follow the beat without having to worry about changing the song. These mixes are great for working out because they keep your heart rate up and help you stay motivated.

If you’re looking for a new way to add some excitement to your running routine, be sure to check out their tempo run mixes!


Negative splits

Running To The Beat has perfectly orchestrated tunes for negative splits. The master creator blends the knowledge and experience of the entire scheme to help you maintain the desired run time to achieve your goals. They make sure that runners remain comfortable by listening to these tunes throughout the race. While you listen to what they create for you during the run, you can relax and focus on your negative splits. Let S&A help you to improve your overall race time.

Make them a part of your next race by going for these negative splits mixes!


Easy runs

These masterpieces have been subscribed by thousands of runners for easy runs. They have the perfect playlist for any runner, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. These mixes are designed with the right tonality balance to ensure that your run is enjoyable and effortless. With S&A’s music, you will be able to focus on your running and forget about the world around you.

So, what are you waiting for? Start listening to their easy run mixes and subscribe today!


What sets Running To The Beat apart?

While others in the league are digitizing tunes to achieve the desired auditory aesthetics, Saints & Angels seeks to bring the humane element into racing tunes. Running To The Beat is a result of infusing brainwave entrainment into these mixes. Their hypnotic and refreshing mixes help runners and fitness enthusiasts to move ahead with focus and clarity. They do not just want these tunes to help you complete your athletic regime, they also want the tunes to exude energy, drive, and stress-free experiences for you!


Where all have the master creator of Running To The Beat dazzled audiences?

Running To The Beats master creator has the skill-sets of an extensive runner and an ace music composer. He has several hundred races to his name, ranging from 5k, 10k, 1.2 marathons, marathons, and the 200-mile Ragnar Relay Race.

  • He has been a DJ at races for over three decades now.
  • He was the DJ for the Chicago Chase Corporate Challenge 2019.
  • He has been the only DJ to have curated the tunes for the Chicago Gay Pride Proud To Run Race from 2015 to 2022.
  • He aptly understands the impact of music and the motivation it generates in runners.
  • He creates phenomenal trainer-guided running workouts that are in sync with the beats.