Episode 3 San Francisco Marathon Music

This is the 3rd hour of a 5 hour marathon mix. This mix is the perfect for any long run, easy run or cardio endeavor. It is designed to help you keep your pace slow, steady,relaxed and disassociate your mind from the workout. Midway (around the 30 min mark) thru the mix there are a few accelerators that help you pick up the pace and take it to the next level. The atmospheric and driving feel-good house vibes continue to keep you moving, the beautiful piano melodies, pumping and clubby beat patterns, gorgeous breakdown textures and epic drops will continue to energize and uplift your spirits and take you on a musical journey. This restrained mix holds you back and lets you put energy in your reserves. This mix works its magic while it plays away, creating an air of sophistication while floating you off the ground and into the clouds! This “Essential stuff!
This mix is an amazing 1 hour running set of 5 – Combine with any mix from the set and have the run of your life. Mix 3 of 5. If you are running a marathon keep these mixes in order for maximum benefit.

Tightrope – Above & Beyond featuring Marty Longstaff
Soaking Up The Sky – Molly Bancroft, Damien S
Daylight Above Ternopil – Dima, Roman Prus
Relics – Shatadru Sensharma, Weiyu Shen – Juren Vu Remix
SSSSH – Donati & Amato
Awaken Sleepwalker – Gregory Esayan
Kura – Sam Pace
Siren Song – Eden,CamelPhat – Dark Dub Mix
Home We’ll Go, Take My Hand – Steve Aoki, Walk Off The Earth – Genairo Nvilla Remix
Boom – Tiesto
My Way – Calvin Harris – Tiesto Remix
We Are The People – Empire Of The Sun – Sam La More Remix

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