Episode 4 San Francisco Marathon Music

Glide, Float, Soar, Mix 4 of 5 takes you to the next level. This mix is designed to help you pick up the pace and keep it constant. The energy will have you moving and grooving while floating above the ground. Perfect for any long run, tempo run, interval runs, easy run or cardio endeavor. Your breathing and heart rate will pick up so stay relaxed and calm. The beautiful piano melodies, pumping and clubby beat patterns, gorgeous breakdown textures and epic drops will continue to energize and uplift your spirits and take you on an amazing musical journey. This mix works its magic while it plays away, creating an air of sophistication while floating you off the ground and into the clouds! This “Essential stuff!
This mix is an amazing 1 hour running set of 5 – Combine with any mix from the set and have the run of your life. Mix 4 of 5. If you are running a marathon keep these mixes in order for maximum benefit.

Midnight Lovers – Sander Kleinenberg, S.t.r.y.d.e.r.
Over The Edge – Dia, TyDi, Borgeous – Jay Hardway Remix
Start of Me – No Mondays, Brad Mair Haverklap
We Are One – Hardwell, Alexander Tidebrink
Stella – Liquid Todd, Disco Killer, Jimmy Gnecco – Morgan Page Remix
Sunny Days – Armin Van Buuren, Josh Cumbee
Lights – Moonlight Tunes – GRUE Remix
Child of Light – Julian Wess, Alex Wackii
My Dreams – Tara Louise & Masoud – Vintage & Morelli Vocal Remix
Tsukiakari Ame – Vintage & Morelli
Arrow – Max Freegrant, Mike Schmid, Bryn Liedl
Lovers On The Sun – David Guetta featuring Sam Martin – Stadium X Remix
On Fire – Luke Bond, Roxanne Emery

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