Running To The Beat

A high tech music inspired fitness company. We change people’s relationship with running by curating music that is uplifiting, fun, encouraging, captivating, ambitious and performance driven. Running To The Beat is currently ranked #54/3000 on the Itunes Podcast Health and Fitness Store and can be found at I-Tunes Podcast

Services offered and tailored to meet your needs!

One of A Kind Mixes are Available   

Are you training for a 5k, Half Marathon, Marathon or any other race and would like a One of A Kind Mix to help take you to your the next level. Running To The Beat can curate and create timeless specialized non-stop seamless mixes just for you. For more information email me directly at

Live Race DJ

Running To The Beat provides the best running music to get runners warmed up and roaring to go! Have Running Music Expert DJ Peter Canellis spin the beats to get your runners on their feet!

Group Fitness Instructors

We can also provide Group Fitness Instructors to lead a pre-race warmup and massage therapists for those in need pre and post race.
For Onsite Race Pricing please contact