Imagine – Create – Build

Saints and Angels Inc.VR

Fitness Installations

We make virtual reality easy by offering permanent customizable VR fitness and entertainment installations for your 
club, residence or corporate development.
Leverage our Virtual Reality

Knowledge and industry relationships to procure and install permanent social and fitness entertainment at your home, commercial building, gym, venue or workplace. We will work with you and your team and imagine, create and build VR content and solutions desinged just for you.  All of our installations include training and maintenance recommendations to keep your investment in tip-top shape for years to come.   

What do we do? 

Saints and Angels Inc, will imagine, create, and build out your customized VR Fitness and entertainment experience.  
All of our solutions are customizable for your space and budget.  

  • Fully Immersive Cycling, Rowing, Yoga, Elliptical – Travel to faraway lands.  Cycle in the Tour de France, Ride along the Great Wall of China and more. 
  • Fully Immersive Boxing – Compete against friends and challenge their explosive streaks! The more power and speed the more explosive you become. 
  • Gaming and Entertainment- for the kids and families.  Keep the kids entertained for hours. 
  • Birthday parties, Team Building Events, Escape Rooms

Incorporate VR into your business and lifestyle
  • Increase new member/resident base
  • Increase Retention rate
  • Have more parties
  • Increase member engagement
  • Experience one of the many health benefits of VR

Why Location-Based Virtual Reality? Prepare for an influx of intrigued and interested customers. Virtual Reality provides a fully immersive experience unlike any other gaming, fitness or entertainment attraction 

Location-Based Virtual Reality is Expanding

  • By 2025, VR is expected to grow 765% to over 1.5B users (statista)
  • Location based VR more than doubled in 2018 to $1.2B (Forbes)

  • Forbes forecasts growth to over $8B by the end of 2022 in Commercial Virtual Reality

  • VR fascinates, attracts, and entertains consumers. Our VR systems helps businesses not only attract new customers, but with a 50% return rate – VR increases customer retention
  • VR improves Entertainment Experience – With dynamic experiences for the entire family, VR provides a unique value to your customers.


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