soul food

Firm believer in music that fuels the soul & generates movement in the body. These mixes are amazing for connecting the mind & body for optimal performance. Stoked to be able to listen during my runs moving forward— it’s keeps you going!! Thanks Peter!

Avid Listner – San Francisco,

Amazing Mixes

I have been listening to Running to the Beat (and it’s predecesors) for at least 5 years now and it is an amazing, diverse, mix of music — that can be used for running, working out, driving, house parties, etc.

If I had to describe the music, I would say that more than a collection of songs, it is like a flow of consciousness. The mixing is so well done that you really don’t know where one song ends and the other begins.

Do yourself a favor and subscribe — it may just change your life!



Ok, well I have been searching for the perfect podcast to get me going, and THIS IS IT! What Peter has created is pure energy and flawless beauty in music! It not only allows me to escape in any exercise I am doing, but also allows me to feel rejuvenated and ALIVE! Thank you for this wonderful gift, Peter! Keep RUNNING TO THE BEAT! 🙂

Astro sister,

Best workout or running music, period

I’ve been listening to DJ Canellis’s music for a long time. When he was on hiatus I tried other workout music podcasts and pandora stations but none compare to these. Consistently positive and inspirational, and motivating.


Great Mixes

I’ve been running to Peter’s mixes for 10 years now. There is nothing I’d rather listen to while training or on race day.