Running To The Beat creates a feeling of motion by using a special mixing technique dubbed “Propulsion Mixing“. Our custom-designed non-stop mixes facilitate different types of movement that enable you to train harder, run faster, run lighter, and take your running to the NEXT LEVEL.

  • “I found that what Peter ultimately gives us is not just another podcast/app to subscribe to, or more great music to listen to… instead, I found what he gives us searchers is an experiential place to go. And, the cool thing about what he does and the way he does it is, you get to pick where you want it to take you. Depending on the life activities you are into, the choice of places is up to you, and they are limitless. The more you find out about the guy, and the more you get into his mixes and the depth and quality of his sounds, the more you realize his genius goes way beyond just djing. You discover he’s more of a celestial transporter of some kind.” Itunes Podcast Review by Hot Zone Searcher
  • “Hi, a Happy new year from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am a 67-year-old who has been walking and sometimes jogging to your wonderful playlists for many years. So thank you for all your hard work. I love your new San Francisco Run Sets and have downloaded 1-4 but cannot find a download for set 5. Is this me and if so could you tell me how to download that set.” Thank You. Jane
  • “Dear Peter, Thank you for letting me use your app! It’s really awesome, play your music while running or just in the car with the windows down.” Tom
  • “This app is awesome! The beats get me going and my adrenaline spikes. I broke my PR 3x’s listening to Running To The Beat. Can’t stop, won’t stop!!!” SizzCoutre
  • “Hello, mister Canellis. Hello from Belgium. I used to run with your podcasts some years ago. Now I started running again and I am happy to see you still have the running to the beat podcast and now the APP available. Your choice of music is very inspirational and runs thru my body.   My absolute favorite episodes being a series of 4 mixes for the Chicago marathon. 
  • Have a great day and once again thank you”
  • Quinten